Mini Water Testimonials

A. Morgan QLD

"I must say I wasn't sure about Mini Water as I had never heard about them before, but there's no doubt its an absolutely gorgeous water. My son refuses anything else and has to go everywhere with his little bottle!"

W. Chau NSW

"In the last few years there have been a few issues with our local drinking water. Nothing for too much concern, but when it came to having our second daughter we felt it was the safest option for her, being at such a young age. Mini Water just gives me that peace of mind."

S. Faraday NSW

"I gave a box of Mini Water to my daughter for my grand daughter's baby shower. I tried some and now it's all I drink!"

J. Lin VIC

"It's [Mini Water] just really really convenient. I can just throw a bottle or two in the car and know that I don't have to pay for a fizzy drink the next time my son sees one."

S. Mcintyre NSW

"My husband thought the idea of buying bottled water for our kids was a little silly at first. Now I think its him that drinks the most in the house. Thanks Mini Water for changing my husband's mind and helping us be healthy."