Mini Water's Service

Our products are available via retail and wholesale distribution channels in Australia and Asia.

In Australia, MINI Water is pleased to have formed an alliance with Water Online Australia, an online shopping company that stocks and distributes the full range of MINI Water products.

We do not engage in annoying or aggressive marketing tactics, nor would we bombarb our customers with promotional emails for repeated sales.  We rather hope that the quality and the good taste of MINI Water  will be the ultimate draw card for our “little” customers and their parents.

For trade and export distributions, feel free to contact Mini Water with your enquiries.

Mini Water's Shipping

MINI Water can be supplied in cartons or on pallets.  Wherever you are, we will have a way to deliver the goods to you.

For domestic or export distributions, MINI Water can be shipped in truckloads or shipping containers (20ft or 40ft). We can custom pack to requirements of mixed product sizes.

If you do not see anything that fits your requirements email Mini Water